Welcome To GLØ•KTCHN

GLØ•KTCHN originated in New York City, where diversity of cultures has a tremendous impact on regional cuisine. As you enjoy weekly menus, you will notice familiar flavors from around the world. All nutritionally balanced & made using quality ingredients.

Rotating menu options are designed by globally trained chefs and optimized by a nutritionist. Each meal is free of refined sugars, dairy, gluten, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs for healthy, clean eating. In addition to clean, all natural ingredients, meals are often enhanced with natural boosters like, vegan probotics, exotic teas, or plant-based collagen.

Beyond the ever changing weekly selection, you can also opt in a Chef`s Tasting Menu. This specially curated box features bold flavors & praised ingredients like NYC-grown greens, unique spices or wild harvested mushrooms.

Sustainable Responsibility

Part of our identity is to be on the frontlines of any innovation that could not only, enhance and create uniqueness, but would also contribute to sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Meal Kits

Our eco-friendly meal kits aim to reduce this waste in a variety of ways. Some of the earth-friendly solutions we intend to use: 100% recyclable boxes, non toxic ink, recyclable insulation, compostable trays & natural gel packs.

Recent years have marked a rise in awareness about the detrimental impacts of plastic pollution. Following the global movement we are rising to the challenge of reducing single-use plastics in our packaging.

Meet GLØ•KTCHN Founder

Peter grew up in Poland, near the Baltic Sea in the beautiful historic city, Gdansk. Since he can remember he was always influenced by food, as a young boy being around his grandfather – a local fisherman, or by his godmother – chef at the iconic Maxim restaurant.

From the very beginnings he knew that food would play a huge role in his life, which later crossed over to his passion for visual arts. Peter currently resides in NYC where besides overlooking daily operations of GLØ•KTCHN, he ongoingly studies food culture, culinary trends and its role in today`s product market.

GLØ•KTCHN Honesty Promise

At GLØ•KTCHN we made a promise to never compromise on the quality of anything that we do. Our Honesty Promise was created to give you a peace of mind by sharing all the details of our produce origin & quality, facilities we use, packaging details and keeping our entire process transparent.